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Winter Landscape Workshop

2-day Flemish Winter Landscape

Saturday and Sunday, 5-6 November 2016

11 AM - 4 PM , break for lunch. BYOL

Learn to paint a winter landscape using the Flemish layering method- no experience required. Cecilia Brendel has a unique way to teach any level with her step by step approach. You will be learning how the old masters painted in a layering method to create the translucent effect in an oil painting.  In this workshop you will learn how to blend colors and use mediums to paint a winter landscape. So much knowledge in just one intense workshop. Cecilia Brendel has learned from the greatest masters of yesterday and  today. Included in this workshop is a small package of painting products from Gamblin - featured sponsor of Olde Masters Galleria.  Students will recieve a digital scan of their painting and 10 greeting cards. You will come away with a beautiful landscape that will be cherished for generation! Reservations today! Cost of the workshop is $150. Click here to reserve your spot! A list of supplies will be emailed out once you have signed up.

About the Gallery

Open in Centerville. Olde Masters Galleria offers instruction, fine art, and sophisticated elegance for the art enthusiast and collector. Come in and see what we have to offer. Workshops are available on a regular basis to learn and advance your skill as an oil painter. We specialize in the methods used by many of the great Masters spanning the 15th to 19th centuries. Masters such as Rembrandt, Carravagio, Ruisdael, Haas, Corot, Monet, Manet, Sargent, and many others. Join us for painting and sketching workshops!

We also have art for sale. Select from our wide range of originals and giclées to bring olde world charm and ambience to any room.

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Olde Masters Galleria can take your damaged paintings and repair them in a permanent way, or in the museum method non-permanent. Paintings with rips, tears and holes can be restored to look like new.




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