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Open in Centerville. Olde Masters Galleria offers oil painting workshops, personalized art instruction and fine art for sale. Come in and see what we have to offer. Workshops are available on a regular basis to learn and advance your skill as an oil painter. We specialize in the seven layer method used by many of the great Masters including Rembrandt, Carravagio, Ruisdael, and Corot. Join us for painting and sketching workshops!

We also have art for sale featuring resident artist Cecilia Brendel. Select from our wide range of originals and giclées to bring olde world charm and ambience to any room. Stop by and check it out!


Olde Masters Galleria is pleased to offer a variety of painting workshops for 2019. This year we welcome guest artists Mikel Wintermantel, Dennis Perrin, and Chuck Marshall. Workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced artists are available throughout the year. Private lessons can also be arranged.

Check the Workshop page for more details and registration.

Remodelled Gallery and Studio


Olde Masters Galleria now has a newly remodelled gallery and studio area. The space has been expanded to better faciliate workshops and other activities.


New Online Boutique

The new online Boutique is open for business! The boutique offers a unique jewelry collection featuring miniature oil paintings by Cecilia Brendel. Each piece is an original! Click HERE to explore the collection.

Calendar of Events

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Simple Still Life


Copper Painting

Simple Still Life


Flemish Method Still Life

Simple Still Life


Painting from the Inside Out




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